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  Journal of Statistics & Management Systems
ISSN:0972-0510 (Print)
ISSN:2169-0014 (Online) Full Text available at

MARCH 2006
ISSN 0972-0510
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L. WANG AND Q. WANG : Empirical likelihood for parametric model under imputation for missing data                 1-13 Abstracts Full Text
J. SHABBIRAND S. GUPTA : On improved estimators of  K and B in finite population      15-25 Abstracts Full Text
K. C. HUANG, C. H. LAN AND M. P. KUO : Estimation of sensitive quantitative characteristics in randomized response sampling       27-35 Abstracts Full Text
V. A. PROFILLIDIS AND G. N. BOTZORIS : Econometric models for the forecast of passenger demand in Greece      37-54 Abstracts Full Text
K. WONGPANASSAK AND W. TANVATANAGUL : Statistical analysis of factors affecting high school students' ethics in Lamphun province (Thailand)      55-72 Abstracts Full Text
P. T. ARTIKIS, C. T. ARTIKIS, C. E. FOUNTAS AND                 P. HATZOPOULOS :  Discrete renewal and selfdecomposable distributions in modelling information risk management operations      73-85 Abstracts Full Text
J. S. CHEN : Using integer programming to solve the machine scheduling  problem with a flexible maintenance activity     87-104 Abstracts Full Text
T. T. LIN AND I. H. LO : Analysis of required and matching loan qualities in financial institutions   105-122 Abstracts Full Text
C. H. LAN AND K. T. LAN : Model, analysis and application of employee assignment for quick service restaurant   123-139 Abstracts Full Text
J. R. CHANG AND Y. F. HUANG : An EOQ model under trade credit and conditional cash discount    141-150 Abstracts Full Text
C. H. LIAO, P. C. LIN AND T. C. HSIA : Evaluating the performance of the official document   151-163 Abstracts Full Text
T. L. LIAO, M. C. KE, K. S. CHEN AND H. Y. WU : Performance examination of the operations of a bank teller   165-174 Abstracts Full Text
B. K. HOODA AND D. S. HOODA : Dimension reduction in multivariate analysis using maximum entropy criterion   175-183 Abstracts Full Text
F. H. F. LIU AND H. L. HAI : New way to select multiple suppliers for a supply chain   185-203 Abstracts Full Text
G. H. LIN : A decision-making procedure on process centering: a lower bound of the estimated accuracy index   205-224 Abstracts Full Text
M. SAKAGUCHI AND M. KODAMA : The optimum ordering policy for a dynamic inventory model with discrete demand    225-242 Abstracts Full Text
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