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  Journal of Discrete Mathematical Sciences & Cryptography
0972-0529 (Print)
  ISSN: 2169-0065 (Online) Full Text available at

APRIL 2006
ISSN 0972-0529
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A. SUGANYA AND N. VIJAYARANGAN :Landau Ramanujan keyed hash functions for message authentication        1-8 Abstracts Full Text
S. CHAKRABARTI AND R. K. KHANNA : A new visual cryptography scheme for STS based access structures       9-23 Abstracts Full Text
M. ELIA : Representation of primes as the sums of two squares in the golden section quadratic field      25-37 Abstracts Full Text
M. GAETA, G. IOVANE AND E. SANGINETO :A 3D geometric approach to face detection and facial expression recognition     39-53 Abstracts Full Text
J. WANG : The spectrum of nested group divisible designs of type tn     55-65 Abstracts Full Text
S. S. SUNDARAM, A. NAGARAJAN AND M.A. KRISHNAN  Path point cover     67-71 Abstracts Full Text
D. A. MOJDEH : On the extending of k-regular graphs and their strong defining spectrum     73-86 Abstracts Full Text
Y. T. CHANG, J. H. HSU AND S. S. YU : A sublinear time string prefix square detection algorithm     87-95 Abstracts Full Text
T. ALDERSON : Some generalizations of RŽedei's theorem   97-106 Abstracts Full Text
H. EVANGELARAS AND C. KOUKOUVINOS : New light on certain two level designs using Gršobner bases   107-124 Abstracts Full Text
H. EVANGELARAS, C. KOUKOUVINOS AND E. LAPPAS :An efficient algorithm for the identification of isomorphic orthogonal arrays    125-132 Abstracts Full Text
C. C. CHANG AND J. S. LEE : An anonymous and flexible t-out -of-n electronic voting scheme   133-151 Abstracts Full Text
C. H. YANG AND S. J. WANG : Weighted bipartite graph for locating optimal LSB substitution for secret embedding   153-164 Abstracts Full Text
Y. K. ZHAO : A characterization of prefix n-power words     165-176 Abstracts Full Text
D. A. MOJDEH AND N. J. RAD : Connected geodomination in graphs                           177-186 Abstracts Full Text
R. MASCELLA AND L. G. TALLINI : Theory and design of    m-ary balanced codes which are invariant under symbol permutation   187-200 Abstracts Full Text
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