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  Collnet Journal of Scientometrics and Information Management


The journal accepts research studies, review papers and other papers of scholarly nature for publication. The length of the paper should normally be within 5000 words. Contributions should be printed on A4 size paper in double space with sufficient margins. Papers may be sent as attachment through E-mail or on a CD by post.

The papers should contain full name and affiliations with e-mail of author(s), author’s biography, an abstract (not more than 150 words), and references properly cited in the text of article. The text of the matter should preferably be set with ‘11 size font in Times New Roman’ in single column. Only DOC/PDF files will be accepted.

Papers submitted should neither be published nor sent for publication elsewhere. Moreover submission to the journal will be deemed to imply that the manuscript has not been and will not be submitted elsewhere if accepted. Publication of paper in the journal automatically transfers the copyrights from the authors to the publishers. However, a copyright form will also be required to be signed by the author if the paper is accepted for publication. A final PDF of the article will be sent to the principal author free of cost.

The authors will be responsible for all views and opinions expressed by them in their papers.

Contributions for publication should be submitted to:

Prof. I. K. Ravichandra Rao (Chief Editor)
COLLNET Journal of Scientometrics and Information Management

Visiting Scientist: Center for Knowledge Analytics and Ontology Engineering PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore - 560 085, INDIA

Contact Address: Washleigh Manor, Apt. # 102, No. 8, Rustum Bhagh Road, Bangalore - 560 017, INDIA

E- mail:;

With a copy to:

Dr. Dr. Hildrun Kretschmer (Editor)
Honorary Professor, Henan Normal University, Xinxiang, China and COLLNET Co-ordinator (COLLNET-Center, Germany)


References be given strictly in alphabetical order by surname first as follows at the end of the article and be cited in the text by bracketed numbers, i.e. [1].
Author, Title of article, Title of Journal in Italics, Volume no.,
Issue no., Year of Publication, page nos. of article.

Sample references are:

[1] Ali, S. N., CD-ROM databases as an alternative means to online information, Proceedings of the 12th

International online information meeting, London, 6-8, December 1988, Oxford: Learned Information, 1988, pp. 569–573.

[2] Chhibber, P. K. and Majumdar, S. K., Foreign ownership and profitablity: Property rights, control and the performance of firms in Indian industry, Journal of Law & Economics, Vol. 42(1), 1999, pp. 209–238.

[3] Craven, Jerney., Understanding the searching process for visually impaired users of the web. Ariadne, Vol. 26, 2001.

[4] Mates, Barbara T., Adaptive technology for the Internet. Chicago and London: American Library Association, 2000, pp. 112–120.

[5] Mishra, Jyoti., Digital libraries: issues and concerns. In: Raina, Roshan, ed: Impact of information management and services. Lucknow: National Botanical Research Institute. 2003, pp. 1–6.

Note :

(1) All graphs, tables and figures may preferably be sent in JPEG/TIFF Image file.

(2) All subjects, names and technical terms should start with capital letters.

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