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Taru Publications organized a get-together on 14th May, 2022 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi to celebrate Silver Jubilee of 3 of our following journals:

1.JDMSC-Journal of Discrete Mathematical Sciences and Cryptography.

2. JSMS-Journal of Statistics and Management Systems

3. JIM-Journal of Interdisciplinary Mathematics

The event was attended by several academicians, people from publishing Industry, Business, Stakeholders, Family and Friends. The chief-Editor, Prof. B.K.Dass address the audience by narrating his journey all through these years. Prof. K.K.Dewan, Guest of Honor told about her association with these journals and congratulated the Chief-Editor and the publisher for their hard work so as to reach up to the stage that well-known T&F become their co-publisher. While addressing the audience, the chief-Guest Prof. Tarun K. Das expressed that there are very few journals which reach upto this stage. He laid an emphasis on the crucial role to be played by publishers like Taru publications in the years to come when a large number of under0graduate students under new education policy would require their research work to be published. He also appealed to the publishing community to rise to the occasion to meet the challenges to come up as per the NEP to make it a success at implementation level particularly during the 7th and 8th semester of Four Year Undergraduate Program.

Participants enjoyed lively speeches, presentation of felicitations and awards followed by dinner. Taru Pubications is thankful to all the distinguished guests and participants. Few Pics of the event are placed in the gallery below.
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